Edgy A100WEGG-1AEF

Edgy A100WEGG-1AEF

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Indulge your inner gadget geek with this stylish non-gendered timepiece straight from the Casio Vintage collection.

The A100 line pays homage to the F‐100, the first Casio watch built with a resin case. We’ve kept the iconic layout with four front buttons but introduced metallic components, still vintage-style, for an updated take on a true classic.

Retro in style but packed with contemporary functionality, this timepiece boasts a stopwatch, calendar, and water resistance for daily use, and of course an LED light for an easy read in any lighting. Use the slide clasp to easily adjust the band length for the perfect fit.


Kasse: Resin
Glass: Mineralglass
Rem: Rustfritt stål
Vannresistens: 30 m

Urverk: Batteridrevet kvarts
Funksjoner: Tidsvisning, LED-lys, alarm, automatisk kalender med dato, dag og måned, stoppeklokke
Batteritid: ca. 3 år (avhengig av bruk, med nytt batteri)

Mål: 40,7 x 32,7 x 9,2 mm
Vekt: ca. 53 g